Are advanced tajweed rules mandatory?

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh!
How are you and your family? Anyways, I know that rules like ghunna, ikhfaa, idhgham, and so on so forth are obligatory. But what about advanced tajweed. You said that your 30-day program covers 99% of tajweed. And the 1% left is advanced tajweed. Is that obligatory?

The Answer

Wa alikom asslam,

Rules like ghunnah, ikhfaa are not obligatory, they make your recitation more beautiful, and you would be reading it like the Prophet, peace be upon him
Please watch this video to know which rules are obligatory and which are not, video is based on many fatwa’s and is not my own opinion.

Allah knows best.
Asslamo alikom

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