Quranic Symbols Printable Poster (Landscape)


This A4 (Landscape orientation) poster summarizes the most important Quranic Symbols found in the common publications of Madinah Mus’haf. This poster is printer ready if you want to have this poster at your disposal to help you in your Quran recitation. If you want a paper Poster with a bigger size, you can order it from the store in the sizes A1 and A2.

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A clear summary of how to use the Qur’anic symbols in an Arabic Mus’haf

Have you ever opened an Arabic Qur’an and saw above the Arabic words symbols? And when you saw it have you wondered what it means? Behind the Mus’haf the symbols are usually explained in Arabic. However, to remember the rules of the Qur’anic symbols  it can be a bit of a hassle and discouraging if you’re trying to remember them all with all the Tajweed rules.

This infographic, educational poster gives you an all-inclusive information about the Qur’anic symbols in the Qur’an with a simple, yet powerful explanation. The explanation of the symbols is displayed in colors; therefore, it enhances your memory to remember the symbols.

The benefits of this poster:

  • A list of the symbols
  • Meaning of the symbols
  • How to apply the rules of the symbols
  • A summary explanation of the symbols
  • Benefit you in learning how to read the Quran in Arabic
  • Minimalistic drawing, maximum color indication for focus
  • An eye friendly poster and fitted in every room, masjid and classroom.

Learn & leave a legacy!

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