Learning Tools

A set of learning tools that every Muslim should have/ know about, and regularly use to keep in contact with the Quran, and our Ummah

Recommended Websites


Probably the most important website you should know about if you are a non-Arab Muslim, as this website offers pronunciation of every single word in the Quran individually. You can't miss it.


Every time I prepare a video lesson, I have to use this website. This is by far the easiest website to navigate the Quran, and find translations. May Allah reward those who run this gem of a website. You must pay it a visit to check all the other features it has.


If you are interested in learning about the 10 Qira'at and the differences between them, this website will definitely offer everything you are looking for.


This is the most compelte encyclopedia of the confirmed ahadieth of the Prophet (peace be upon him). The best thing is that it is available in many languages.


This is simply the most complete list of reciters of Quran, it has every single Qari in the world, and you can listen to them recite the Quran directly from the website.

Arabic 101

The best source on the internet to learn Arabic, the Quran and the tajweed.

Dr. Eyad Qunaibi

The best channel to watch if you are struggling with suspicions and want some fundamental questions answered.

Qaf TV

An Islamic channel that is excellent at teaching Islam, fiqh, hadieth, and many other branches.

Dawah is Easy

If you want to learn some basics of dawah, here's the best source. Also, if you want to just watch new Muslims while they pronounce their shahadah and how they found their way to, here's the best channel for that too.


This is the channel of Dr. Ahmad Essam, who is arguably one of the most knowledgeable Arabic Grammarians on the planet, which is a great source for learning advanced Arabic and Quran skills.

Recommended YouTube Channels

Other Recommendations

Quran Bot

Quran Bot is a Telegram Channel which is specialized in listening to the Quran. Just choose the Qari and the surah, and you will receive the audio file on your phone.

Bridges’ translation

Possibly the best translation of the Quran which combines all the ten Qira'at of the Quran. If you want to read the most complete translation of the Quran, download this app.

Quran App

Every Muslim should have this app on their phone. The best, certified electronic mushaf on the appstore.