How can I reduce or completely get rid nasal sound?

Assalamu alaikum dear sheikh. Can you share some tips on how to reduce or completely get rid nasaly sound (on letters that are not supposed to be nasal) when reciting Qur’an. Jazakallah khair

The Answer

Wa alikom asslam wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh,

That is indeed a problem that you should try to get rid of. It doesn’t cause major mistakes though when reciting.

This issue happens because air is coming out of your nasal cavity along with your mouth. The trick is simple: when you pronounce a word let’s say قال close your nostrils with your hand, and start practicing saying that word until you can hear it pronounced correctly. Once you get it right, try without forcing your nostrils shut, and see how it goes. If you keep on practicing this, you will in a very short time train yourself to not produce the sounds from your nose.
I hope this helps in shaa Allah

Allah knows best
Asslamo alikom

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