About Us

Our Mission

Providing FREE Arabic & Quran education of good quality to ALL brothers and sisters around the world whose mother tongue is not Arabic.

Our Vision

We believe that Arabic is an intrinsic part of the identity of EVERY Muslim. And it is our duty to do our best to teach it to our children to preserve that identity.

We believe all Muslims are equals .. No race, color, tongue will give you advantage above any other Muslim.

Our math’hab? We follow everything Allah says, and whatever is verified words of His Prophet (PBUH). No sects. No Parties. No we, and them.

Founder of Arabic101

The voice behind the lessons, is your brother, Islam.

I am a high-school teacher from the Netherlands. I hold a bachelor degree of English language and literature. I have also got a Masters degree in language acquisition and methodology and another MA degree in teaching English literature.

I have conducted a number of research studies in language acquisition and teaching.

I received my Quran educationwhen I was young in a traditional way, in my local mosque. When I specialized in teaching, I applied the modern teaching methods into teaching Arabic, my mother tongue, and teaching the Noble Quran.

Our Team

We have an extremely small team. We hope, with the grace of Allah, that we’ll expand to be able to help more people and provide more content in shaa Allah. Your support is always needed.

So you if you want to join Arabic101 team, you know what to do 😉