Why does Hafs use Ishmam in surah Yusuf?

I have a question regarding Ishmaam or Ikhtilas in the word Laa Ta’manuna in surat Yusuf verse 11. Why Hafs read with such the ways. Why is it special word in riwayah Hafs? Jazakumullah

The Answer

Wa alikom asslam,

Ishmam in this position is not exclusive to Hafs an asim, there are many others who also recite it like that with ishmam: NQuran
Ishmam or ikhtilas in this position in particular, happens because there are three nasal sounds follow one another, Arabs find that too heavy to pronounce, so they ‘drop/ lighten’ the last one of them to avoid the heaviness of the three sounds following one another. Ishmam is one of the skills that you have to learn it by sitting in front of a shaikh to get it properly; I will try to make a lesson about this very soon in shaa Allah.

Hope this answers your question in shaa Allah.

Allah knows best.
Asslamo alikom

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