Do all Qira’at of the Quran deliver the same meaning? Or are the same?

Recently I had been watching your videos alot and I really appreciate your hard work. My question is regarding one of your video about 7 ahruf of the quran, you gave an example of 2 aya’s 1st one’s meaning was those who were killed in the cause of Allah their work will not go waste and the second was those who fought in the cause of Allah their work will not go waste.
How are these two the same?? The first one says about one’s who have already been killed and 2nd about those who just fought, doesn’t this change the meaning completely??
Jazakallah khair ustadht obligatory?

The Answer

Wa alikom asslam,

No one said that these two ayas are the same, that was certainly not stated in the lesson, and it is wrong to think that every variation of the 7 ahruf gives an identical meaning, and this aya is a clear example for that case.
The Qira’ah in this aya ‘added’ a meaning to the aya which does NOT contradict with the other. So when looking at both of these variations, they complete one another, and most importantly, they do not go against each other.
Some variations of the Qira’at add a new dimension to the meaning, and that’s why it cannot be said that they are the same (in every single case). The reason for that is that they were revealed like that to the Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم) and the sahabah learned it this way as well.
The most famous example is one that is found in surah Al-fatiha when saying مالك يوم الدين .. In many qira’at it is read as ملك يوم الدين while مالك – ملك are certainly not the same word, but the point is that Allah is indeed the King AND Master/Sovereign (depending on the translation used), and the miraculous thing is that both meanings are given by just using one word.

There are many examples in the Quran like that, you can explore them through this website: CLICK HERE

Allah knows best.
Asslamo alikom

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